CCNA Routing Lab 1-0: The set up

We will try to prepare a lab where we can configure and test different features of Cisco Routers and Switches. For the purpose of saving time and minimize our on-going efforts to set up each lab, two multi-purpose lab typologies will be configured, namely one for routing and another for switching. Once the lab is set up, it can be used in multiple scenarios and a lab can be configured on the fly to teach us the required technologies. This section is the routing part and will be titled ‘Routing Lab 1-x’, where x represents the lab number. In the same manner, the switching labs will be titled ‘CCNA Switching Lab 1-x’.

Lab prerequisite: You have followed my blog or other people’s blog, or watched YouTube and set up your GNS3 with IOU at some stage.

I have drawn a lab topology  we are trying to configure and mimic:

사용자 지정 8

Step 1: As shown below, drop four IOU routers, two IOU L2 switches and one GNS3 native GNS3 Frame Relay Switch.

활성화 윈도우 4

Step 2: Add DLCIs in FR1 to prepare for Frame Relay Switch ready for connection.사용자 지정 3

Step 3: Connect all devices as shown below. and now you are ready to start your first Routing lab.

활성화 윈도우 1







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