Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager) License backup

Hope this helps anyone who also manage Cisco Unified Communications Manager on day-to-day basis:

Task: to export license files from a Cisco Cisco Unified Communications Manager (a.k.a CallManager) ver. 5 – 10
– Reconcile all licenses in production server
– Verify the PAK key inside each license file

Option 1: Log into CUCM OS CLI
Use the following commands to list, view and get the license files:
file list license
file view license
file get license
file get license *
*Option 2: Just grab a copy from your DRS back-up

If you are running DRS backups regularly, the licsense files can be found in the following path:
Copy the backed-up tar file and extract it using 7-zip or Winrar.

E.G.) 2015-07-07-01-00-00_CMPUB_CCM_PLATFORM.tar


CCM license file location